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Selling Your Reborn Creation

So you have spent hours and hours painting and rooting your beautiful reborn doll. It no longer looks like a piece of vinyl or silicone, it looks lifelike and oh so real! You want to sell your creation so what do you do next?

  • The first step is to choose 1 or 2 really pretty outfits! Look carefully at your reborn's colouring - not all reborns look good in what may be your 'favourite' colour.

  • Think carefully about your target audience. Do you want your finished baby to have a wide appeal or are you going 'niche'? Wider appeal tends to favour more traditional baby clothing and colours. If you want to go niche, then you can go a bit wilder. Take your time choosing the right outfit. It really can make the difference between getting a sale or not.


The photo shoot is YOUR SHOP WINDOW. You don't need to have the best camera or a full photographic studio, you CAN use a mobile phone. However there are some basic rules:

  • Make sure the reborn is clean, hair combed and styled.

  • Clothing should be clean and crease free.

  • Think about your background. It can be a crease free blanket or a special doll posing chair or cushion. If you only use a blanket, pop a pillow or some cushions underneath to let the doll 'sink' into the surface. Smaller cushions and pillows can be used to support limbs, heads etc.

  • Avoid taking photos from the feet up or from the head down. Get down to eye-level.

  • Try to pose your reborn naturally. Avoid sticking a leg or arm up in the air. Ask yourself 'how do real babies look?'

  • Make the pose age related. Hint: Newborn babies cannot sit up unsupported!!

  • Avoid the use of too many props! They can distract from your reborn.

  • Paci's do not make your reborn look 'cute' in photographs. Your customer wants to see the reborn's face. If you must use a paci, limit it to one or two photos only.

  • Take photos from different angles, photograph hands and feet.

Selling Tips

Some reborns can be snapped up in hours, others take a little longer. Patience required! There are thousands of reborns for sale and you need to think about how you will make yours stand out.

  • Describe your baby in a few words. Tell people the name of the sculpt you have used and which sculptor created it.

  • Mention the type of paint you have used - air dry/heat set. You don't need to go into how long it took you or how many layers of paint there are.

  • Set your price - Don't ask anyone on facebook how much 'they' think you should sell your doll for. There is no pricing structure! There are no pricing experts! You can ask 20 different people and you will get 20 different answers.